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Chimatech is a chemical manufacturing company successor of the Central Institute of Chemical Industry, established in 1954. The firm produces variety of products and provides services, which find applications in many sectors of the economy such as the textile segment, the construction industry, food industry, machine manufacturing, professional cleaning industry, cosmetic industry, agriculture, and many others. Its activities embrace the production of a diverse range of  products such as self-leveling floorings, epoxy resins, anticorrosion coatings for metal and concrete, silicone rubbers, textile auxiliaries, cleaning preparations and degreasers as well as custom-made products on specific client’s instructions. Chimatech is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 as well as to GMP ISO 22716:2007 for manufacturing of cosmetic products. Chemical manufacturing company Chimatech also offers custom manufacturing services for certain products. 


Lab tests

We have our own laboratory for testing our own production and raw materials as well as for offering analysis to outside customers.
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Effect pigments for resins and paints

Pigments are very small solid particles that have a specific shape and surface and reflect light in a certain way, resulting in effects that create the illusion of flickering lights, metallic reflections, sparks and variation in color and brightness. T...
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