CHIMATECH JSCO - Sofia is the successor and follower of the traditions of the Central Institute of Chemical Industry, founded in the 60s by the Ministry of Chemical Industry in Bulgaria. With its very establishment, the Institute set up a Department for Analytical Control. Later on the department was transformed into a laboratory, authorized in 1974 to conduct state-ordered research of chemical products. In the course of the years, its area of activities was further developed and expanded.

The accumulated resources and extensive professional experience were the swiss cheap Replica Watches foundation for the creation of the Accredited Research Laboratory at Chimatech JSCO., which in 1995 was accredited in compliance with the Bulgarian National Standard EN 45001 by the department for accreditation at the Committee for Standardisation and Metrology. The last certificate of the Laboratory № 515-I, issued on April 08, 1998 and effective until April 2001, includes chemical, physicochemical and microbiological research in the following areas:
  • Inorganic and organic chemical products, fertilizers and forage additives, pesticides,
  • Rubber products, raw materials and intermediates for the rubber industry,  
  • Synthetic resins, plasticizers, polymers, glues,                         
  • Materials for varnishing and painting– primers, varnishes, pickles, fillers, paints, thinners, siccatives, boiled oils, coloring pigments
  • Printing inks and stationeries,  
  • Detergents, soaps and other cleaning products and raw materials for their production, intermediates for the industry,
  • Perfumery and cosmetic products, as well as raw materials for them,  
  • Essential and vegetable oils
  • Food industry products– sugar and chocolate products, coffee, cocoa, tea, glucose, starch, honey and bees wax, oils cheap Replica Watches
  • Soft drinks and high-alcohol beverages, ethyl alcohol for food production
  • Fruit and vegetable cans, gustatory substances and preservatives.
 The analytical control is performed through classical analytical and modern instrumental methods. The team of the Accredited Laboratory is of highly professional experts with long years of experience in the sphere of chemical quality and control and specialized knowledge.