Since the success of Chimatech's products depends to a large extent on the partners with which the company works, Chimatech seeks reliable, proactive and innovative suppliers and distributors to share their views on the company's development. We are looking for distributors of  our medical cosmetic products, cosmetics for hair saloons, and some other products such as silicone pastes. We are mainlz interested in distributors for Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Macedonia, and Eastern Europe, but of course in case of interest for other countries please contact us. 

We, the people working at Chimatech, believe we can achieve better results through effective partnerships with the right partners. That is why, we are constantly trying to improve relations with our suppliers and distributors in order to be able to continue to build our businesses together.
Please fill in the contact form in the Contact page in case you want to become a distributor of the company or want to be contacted by us. We will be happy to work with you.